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Honor flights to resume

REDMOND — The Honor Flights for armed forces veterans to visit national war memorials is on once again. Some 25 veterans from Central Oregon, their

Vietnam veterans

Women Veterans bravely served during Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, more than 265,000 American women served the military and 11,000 women served in Vietnam, with 90% working as volunteer nurses. Responsibilities

Vietnam veterans

War Stories: Greg Vernon

When part of your job is hiding in bushes, scouting enemy territory, you’re bound to have some close calls. That’s exactly what Vietnam veteran Greg

Vietnam veterans

Author Spotlight: Jack Estes

Jack Estes is the author of “Searching for Gurney,” one of the books featured in Issue 8 of ODVA’s Veteran News Magazine. In 1967 Jack

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Oregon Parks and Recreation Department holds online town hall Jan. 20 on proposed State Capitol State Park Vietnam War memorial

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department will hold an online question-and-answer session at 6 p.m. on January 20 to collect public feedback on a nonprofit organization’s proposal to construct a Vietnam War Memorial on the grounds of the State Capitol State Park in Salem. The session will include a presentation by the proposer, the Vietnam War Memorial Fund (http://vietnamwarmemorialfund.org).