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women veterans

▶️ War Stories: Kristin Gyford

Kristin Gyford was honored recently by the Veterans Administration, named a Woman Veteran Trailblazer for her work after her service. Her time in uniform might

Korean veterans

Honor flights to resume

REDMOND — The Honor Flights for armed forces veterans to visit national war memorials is on once again. Some 25 veterans from Central Oregon, their

women veterans

Bend Veteran Honored As A Trailblazer

A Bend woman is one of 27 veterans nominated for 2021 Trailblazers by the VA’s Center for Women Veteran’s. Kristin Gyford of Bend was chosen


Career support and Guidance for Veterans

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) registers and support high paying structured apprenticeship programs that combine on the job training and related classroom

War Stories: Jim Horsley

A life-saving skill at a high rate of speed, which Jim Horsley calls, “pursuing absolutely excellence.” The Central Oregon Navy veteran first wanted to fly,