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Vietnam veterans

▶️ War Stories: John Gallaway

During his time in the service, John Gallaway’s job was to bring soldiers ashore from the dangerous jungles of Vietnam. While the Navy veteran faced

Vietnam veterans

▶️ War Stories: Leo Baker

On this week’s edition of War Stories, we feature Navy Veteran Leo Baker who recounts his time serving during the Vietnam War. From traveling across

Vietnam veterans

War Stories: Carl Shepley

After wrapping up high school, joining the service was his way  to get a college education. But this was during the Vietnam War and traveling

Korean veterans

Honor Flight Flies Again

Corvallis has many veterans of the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and quite a few of the Second World War, including a surprising number of Pearl

Vietnam veterans

Gresham vet honored for bravery

Gresham’s Gerald Kawecki saved four Americans during an encounter with enemy soldiers in Vietnam. Kawecki performed heroic actions after his group came under fire on