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Bend Veteran Honored As A Trailblazer

A Bend woman is one of 27 veterans nominated for 2021 Trailblazers by the VA’s Center for Women Veteran’s. Kristin Gyford of Bend was chosen


Women’s Military History Week Highlights: Kim T. Gray and Jean Kirnak

Wrapping up Oregon Women’s Military History Week are Coast Guard veteran Kim Gray (one of the few people on earth who can say they’ve sailed around the world — literally) and Jean Kirnak, a nurse in the legendary 8076 MASH unit, which was recognized for the meritorious and life-saving service it courageously provided throughout the Korean War.

Vietnam veterans

Women Veterans bravely served during Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, more than 265,000 American women served the military and 11,000 women served in Vietnam, with 90% working as volunteer nurses. Responsibilities