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▶️ War Stories: Michael Reedy

After studying finance, he made the commitment to serve with one of the elite squadrons in the U.S. Military. In this week’s episode of War

Vietnam veterans

▶️ War Stories: John Gallaway

During his time in the service, John Gallaway’s job was to bring soldiers ashore from the dangerous jungles of Vietnam. While the Navy veteran faced


WorkSource Oregon Centers Reopen

The Oregon Employment Department, in partnership with WorkSource Oregon, launched two efforts to support Oregon’s economic recovery. Thirty-five WorkSource Oregon centers reopened for in-person services

Vietnam veterans

▶️ War Stories: Leo Baker

On this week’s edition of War Stories, we feature Navy Veteran Leo Baker who recounts his time serving during the Vietnam War. From traveling across

Vietnam veterans

War Stories: Carl Shepley

After wrapping up high school, joining the service was his way  to get a college education. But this was during the Vietnam War and traveling

WWII veterans

War Stories: Wallace Holmer

During World War II, he served on a landing craft training waves of soldiers. From the ports of Pearl Harbor to the Japanese mainland, the