Avoiding VA benefits overpayments


Life happens. We are all guilty of procrastinating on paperwork or forgetting to update records. While most of the time there are no consequences, that is often not the case with VA benefits.

There are any number of life events that can result in an overpayment to the VA, and these can result in changes in the amount of benefits you are entitled to receive.

It is important to let VA know whenever there is a change that could impact your benefits. Not keeping these records current can result in an overpayment. When discovered, those funds will be owed to VA, and those can often result in a deduction of the monthly benefit amount until the debt is repaid.

Some common overpayment situations are:

A Veteran receives care at a VA medical facility and fails to pay a required co-pay A Veteran fails to report that a school-age child has married A Veteran receiving education benefits drops out of school A Veteran or beneficiary is incarcerated and benefits are reduced or terminated for the period of incarceration The Vocational Rehabilitation program purchased a service or tools for a Veteran, who then dropped out of the program without a good reason A Veteran or beneficiary receiving an income-based pension doesn’t report a change in income A Veteran’s change in marital status without notifying VA Death of a dependent without notifying VA

In some situations, VA receives information from other federal agencies about changes that could impact yours benefit. When this happens, a

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