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Ore. veteran services and a growing VA

To contact the Oregon State Department of Veteran Affairs in Salem, call (503) 373-2085 or visit Listings are available for the … Read full story

Court applauds veteran services office

The Grant County Court applauded the work of the Grant County Veteran Services Office under the direction of Katee Hoffman during their July 25 meeting.

Calling all Umatilla County Korean War vets

PENDLETON, Oregon – Officially, the Korean War never ended. However today (July 27) marks the 65th anniversary of the cease-fire armistice that …   Read full

Celebrating our VA’s birthday

This weekend marks the 88th birthday of the Veterans Administration. I actually had no idea about this until a young active-duty soldier and his wife

KCC Celebrates Veterans Resource Center

KLAMATH FALLS – Klamath Community College celebrated its new Veterans Resource Center during a grand opening ceremony Friday. The center is located on the first

Paintball weapon and our military

Had quite a few local and area youngsters and young adults asking many questions about military service and which branch is best and what the