Recruiting Local-Area Veterans for Collaborative Aging in place Research using Technology (CART) – A Nationwide Technology-Based Research Study about Aging

Tillamook, Oregon, July 12, 2018 – Researchers from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Portland, Oregon will be speaking about the Collaborative Aging in place Research using Technology (CART) study at the Tillamook Regional Medical Center, 3rd floor Conference Room A, 1000 Third Street, Tillamook, OR 97141 on August 3, 2018. There will be two sessions 11:00 am-12:00 pm and 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Attendees will learn about the details of the study and eligibility requirements. Local area veterans, social service providers, care providers and medical providers are encouraged to attend.
“Being able to understand how we can enable older adults to remain independent and avoid hospitalizations or transitions into care facilities is an important goal,” said Dr. Lisa Silbert, Principal Investigator for the Veterans Affairs (VA) CART site. “Costs of long-term care services for people who can no longer live independently are rising. New approaches, like CART, are needed to address this challenge.”
The CART study uses nonintrusive in-home activity sensors and other devices, like electronic pillboxes, wearables, and digital scales, to continuously track activity in real-time. These technologies measure activity, mobility, body composition, socialization and cognition. Over time, this system of devices can detect a loss of mobility, decline in cognitive functions or other behavioral changes.
“We’re testing if these technologies can identify meaningful changes in activity patterns, which could lead to a loss of independence or health issues that require medical attention,” said Rachel Wall, VA CART study coordinator. “Ultimately, we want to


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