Operation Recognition: Veterans awarded high school diplomas

America’s Veterans sacrifice so much to protect our freedom—for many of those who served in their youth, that includes the chance to receive a high school diploma. Operation Recognition is a program that honors Veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam by granting them high school diplomas. It’s a belated gesture of our lasting respect and appreciation for their service and commitment to our nation. Tom Zayas is a Korean War Veteran who was among the honorees at this month’s ceremony hosted by the Sacramento Board of Education. He said “Now I can show my buddies that graduated 66 years ago. I can tell them I graduated too.”

Contact your local school district for eligibility requirements and instructions to nominate a Veteran for Operation Recognition. And if you’re interested in expressing your gratitude to Veterans, consider a career of service with VA. No matter your field of interest, VA offers uniquely fulfilling careers helping Veterans and their families achieve greater health and wellbeing. In return, you’ll receive exceptional benefits and competitive pay with plenty of opportunities to expand your skills and elevate your career. To learn more and apply, explore our open positions today.

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