New mobile app help Veterans cope with TBI

Of the 600,000 Veterans who call Washington State Home, it is estimated that one in five have some level of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). To help them, the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs recently launched the Max Impact TBI App aimed at empowering Veterans, family, friends and caregivers of Veterans living with the effects of traumatic brain injury.

MAX is a virtual service dog designed to make an impact those who have TBI. Veterans can use a screening tool to determine whether symptoms may be related to a TBI, be connected with area providers who can help, learn how to manage symptoms and better relax, and connect with other Veterans with TBIs all in the safety of their own home.

While many of the local resources connect Veterans with care in Washington state, those using the app elsewhere can still benefit by using some of its features, including breathing exercises, stretches, the TBI screening tool and a daily checker.

The app is available to download for free at iTunes and the Google Play Store.

iTunes Google Play

Or search for it on iTunes and/or Google Play store as just one word, “MaxImpact”

For more information about the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs TBI Program, or learn how to be listed as a TBI provider, or to share information about the Max Impact app, visit

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