Redmond Vet Receives High School Diploma


Hospice of Redmond Transitions patient and Redmond local, Jack Klamm is to be honored with an honorary diploma from Ridgeview High School during its graduation ceremonies. Jack says that Hospice of Redmond’s Transitions program and the VA are responsible for life-changing and transformative improvements over the last four years of his life.

Seventy-three-year-old Jack Klamm moved from Colorado to Redmond, Oregon, a little more than a decade ago to be closer to his sister. Jack has Parkinson’s disease — “a gift to me from Agent Orange,” says Jack, who’s a Vietnam veteran who served in the Navy — and he can’t fully take care of himself at times. So, his sister offered to help him when he needed it. However, his sister has since moved away, which was likely part of the reason Hospice of Redmond came knocking on his door a few years ago.

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