VA MISSION Act: What to expect for community care on June 6

Note: This article is one of a series on VA’s progress implementing the VA MISSION Act of 2018.

As the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s signing of the VA MISSION Act of 2018 (the MISSION Act) approaches on June 6, Veterans can expect to have more choices than ever in getting timely, high-quality care.

VA is required to implement major parts of the new Veterans Community Care Program under the MISSION Act by June 6, 2019.  This new Program will become effective after VA publishes implementing regulations.

Veterans should expect a fairly transparent and seamless transition to the new Veterans Community Care Program.  After June 6, VA cannot furnish care under the Veterans Choice Program (VCP). The two other most important changes that become effective on June 6 include:

New eligibility criteria, which will go into effect for Veteran community care. A new urgent care benefit, which will become available.

Veterans should continue to talk with their VA care team about the best way to get the care they need—either from a VA medical facility or community provider. As they do now, Veterans may also need to pay a copayment for care for nonservice-connected conditions, just as they would if they received care at a VA medical facility.  Special copayment rules apply to the new urgent care benefit.

Sunset of Veterans Choice Program

Starting June 7, 2019, VA can no longer furnish care to eligible Veterans under VCP.  As a result, VCP eligibility criteria will no longer

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