Appeals Modernization simplifies complex process allowing Veterans to choose one of three lanes

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On Feb. 19, 2019, VA implemented the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 (AMA), transforming a historically complex appeals process into one that is simple, timely, and offers Veterans choice and control.

If you disagree with an initial claim decision you received after Feb. 19, 2019, you can now choose from one of three lanes to have the decision reviewed: (1) higher-level review (2) supplemental claim, or (3) appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board).

What are the three lanes?

Choose the higher-level review option if you don’t want to submit new evidence, but you think a mistake was made. A senior claims adjudicator will review your claim in an average of 125 days. Choose the supplemental claim option if you want to submit new and relevant evidence. VA will assist you in gathering the evidence you identify. This option will take an average of 125 days. Choose the Board appeal option if you want the Board to review your case.

Appealing to the Board

If you appeal to the Board, you will then choose one of three dockets: (1) direct review, (2) evidence submission, or (3) hearing request.

Choose the direct review option if you don’t want to submit new evidence or have a hearing. The Board will review only the evidence the local VA office considered. The Board will complete these cases in an average of 365 days. Choose the evidence submission option if you want to submit additional evidence, but

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