Veterans, survivors can participate in study testing two online apps to support those who grieve

When I ran the Army Ten-Miler last fall, I was humbled by how many people around me were running with memorial photos, dog tags, and buttons to recognize service members who had died. While I served more than two decades in the military as a psychiatrist and have studied military bereavement , I was still deeply touched to see so many people running beside me, working so hard to honor and recognize service members who died.

The reality is – grief can impact us for years. Some find great meaning and hope in running a race to honor a friend, unit member, battle buddy or family members. But for some, grief can be disabling.

That’s why we are now working on a new study testing two evidence-based online/app programs created by scientists and clinicians at Uniformed Services University and Columbia University to address grief-related challenges.

The Stepping Forward in Grief Study is testing two online/app programs that were developed in response to findings from the National Military Family Bereavement Study, which suggested that grief-related challenges among bereaved military survivors can continue, even many years following a loss, and that many survivors desire additional support.

You can participate in the study if you are a close friend, unit member, battle buddy, or a family member of someone who died at any time while serving in the military or as a result of their military service. For instance, this would include:

Any immediate family member – such as a

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