Nothing like turning vets into surfers…

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The Salem Vet Center is looking forward to hosting two Newport Veteran Surfing Outreach events, on April 5 and May 3. Research supports the benefits of exercise and community in boosting mental health–get both at once!

This is a chance for Veterans to interact in a supportive community, and experience the challenge and joy of surfing. Community partners, Veteran friends and family are also invited to come alongside and support Veteran participants. We are excited to have found a surf shop to partner with us. Ossies Surf Shop will be donating wetsuit and board rentals for Veterans in Lincoln County and surrounding areas. We continue to

We will meet up at Ossies at 10:00 am, and will then meet at Agate beach for a surf session (weather permitting–alternatively we will Kayak on the river). The mobile Vet unit will be at Agate beach to answer questions about Veteran services and resources. American Legion Post 116 will offer lunch, and give Veterans an opportunity to find out how to serve local Veterans and the community. Afterwards, we will converge on Rogue Bayfront Public House, who has offered to host a dinner for Veteran participants.

If you are a Veteran, and want to participate in this event, or would like to support the event, call the Salem Vet Center at 503.362.991, or email Jaimie Lusk, PsyD at

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