Suicide Prevention Can Come Down To A Conversation

Lane County Public Health has released its first-ever comprehensive suicide report and the findings raise concerns. 1,079 county residents killed themselves between 2000 and 2016. One in four deaths by suicide was a veteran. And over 60-percent of men who died by suicide never sought mental health treatment before taking their life. In addition to details on deaths, the report provides recommendations for life-saving. Roger Brubaker is Lane County’s Suicide Prevention Coordinator. He says reducing the stigma around suicide can start with talking about it. “It could take the form of, ‘Sometimes when I see people as depressed as you or behaving the way you are, I get concerned for them. Sometimes they may even be thinking about taking their own life. Are you thinking about suicide?’” Brubaker says that kind of non-judgmental, direct language can help someone in crisis feel safe. Lane County Public Health Department offers trainings on how to identify suicide risk and connect with

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