$15,000 Giveaway to Local Veteran Margie Anderson Completed

(Photo courtesy of Webfoot Painting)

In March, our Central Oregon community voted three deserving local veterans forward (on social media) to our company vote, where Margie Anderson was named the winner of Project Serious. Margie is a veteran who continues to give back to fellow Vets across Central Oregon. The groundswell of support for her during the decision process was overwhelming but then matched by the turnout of community support on her work days.

Margie’s home needed a lot of work. She had siding that was failing, a home that needed paint, and a dream of a deck where she could put two rocking chairs. The carpentry prep work and her deck were completed earlier this month. Her exterior paint and finishing touches on June 23 gave Margie the refresh she so deserved and will protect her home for years to come. That’s the Webfoot Way! And what color scheme did she choose? Red, white and blue of course.

Of the opportunity to give back to hero’s in our Central Oregon community in such a meaningful and personal way, owner Gavin Hepp shared, “Community is our #1 value at Webfoot. To us that means our community as whole as well as our internal Webfoot community. Nothing brings these two together better than Project Serious.””

WEBFOOT PAINTING has provided seriously great painting, carpentry, and deck services throughout Central Oregon since 2003. We offer seriously great service and quality of work—just ask our seriously satisfied customers!

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