VA’s GI Bill Comparison Tool is a valuable resource in checking priority enrollment for Veterans and service members

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Being first is good. So is being early.

For Veterans and service members, being first and early to sign up for the classes you want is possible thanks to priority enrollment offered at many colleges and universities. So how do you find out if priority enrollment is offered at your school? Use the GI Bill Comparison Tool on VA’s website.

Also called priority registration, priority enrollment allows Veterans and service members to schedule their classes ahead of the general student population. Using priority enrollment can be as simple as sending an email request to the campus Veterans outreach office.

While Veterans and service members can be given priority enrollment, it doesn’t mean they’re allowed to register for classes before all groups of students. For example, seniors may be given top priority, followed by Veterans and service members.

The priority enrollment notification on the GI Bill Comparison Tool will go live in late May thanks to the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017, known as the “Forever GI Bill,” passed by Congress last summer.

Getting the classes you want with priority enrollment

Priority enrollment is particularly helpful for undergraduate students. This is especially true for general education classes such as math or foreign languages that have many students vying for a set number of classroom slots.

Situations do occur where priority enrollment doesn’t work, but those should be rare. As one hypothetical example, a student who wants a class to fulfill the requirements for a minor may not

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