How LinkedIn is empowering job-seeking Veterans

As a health system dedicated to serving those who’ve served, VA sincerely appreciates other organizations that step up and help Veterans gain meaningful employment after the military. This includes LinkedIn, a company committed to providing former service members with support for career advancement. That’s why we’re highlighting a few of the valuable resources the social networking site offers to job-seeking Veterans.

LinkedIn for Veterans Tutorial

This one-hour tutorial provides tips on how to:

Create and optimize a LinkedIn profile Build a professional network that supports one’s career goals Leverage LinkedIn to pinpoint a career that best suits one’s interests


Skills Translation Seminar

Through this seminar, Veterans can learn how to articulate their military skills in ways that resonate with potential employers. This is similar to VA’s Military to Civilian Occupation Translator – another helpful resource to use during the application process.


Veteran Mentor Network

With more than 110,000 members, the Veteran Mentor Network enables Veterans to make contacts and ask career-related questions within a supportive community of peers and advisors. It’s a great way to achieve not just professional goals, but personal goals as well.


If you’re ready to pursue a career with VA today, explore our open positions and apply now.

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