New nonprofit aims to help PTSD veterans

News just arrived that the vacated Lane County Sheriff’s Office Work Camp located in Alma, west of Lorane, is now being set up for use by the Veterans Legacy Oregon, a nonprofit group. Their mission statement on their Facebook page states that, “Our mission at Veteran’s Legacy is to provide all support activities and therapies for our veterans suffering from PTSD and other dissociative disorders using therapeutic agriculture.”
They further describe their project as, “We exist to provide integrated treatment in a rural setting, stressing therapeutic agriculture, utilizing multiple resources to address the individual’s medical and psychological needs. We aspire to provide treatment for PTSD and other adjustment disorders while continuing supportive therapy for associated co-morbidities such as drug and alcohol addictions.”
I consider this good news for the county. These veterans deserve a chance to work through their PTSD under the supervision of such an organization in a quiet, beautiful setting as they have in Alma. It was frustrating to see all of the tax dollars that were put into the construction and maintenance of the work camp going to waste as it sat vacant for many years.

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