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Celebrating 75 Years of Service to Oregon Veterans

We are facing monumental, unforeseen challenges. Nonetheless, recognizing that ODVA has good reason to celebrate its 75 years of service to Oregon veterans and their families, we will celebrate virtually, stretching the commemoration over the balance of the year.

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Secretary Wilkie thanks women Veterans and VA’s women employees

Hello, I’m Robert Wilkie, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I’m honored to help celebrate Women’s History Month, pay tribute to women Veterans, and thank our VA women Veteran employees. Women’s history and VA history are inextricably linked. In 1867, Emma Miller was appointed as the first woman employee of what would become VHA, when she was appointed as matron of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Dayton,

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Suicide Prevention Month: “You are not alone, and you never were.”

The following is a guest post from a Military Services Crisis Intervention Specialist at Lines for Life. It seems many veterans exist at the crossroads of “suck it up” and “I need help.” In the military, “suck it up” serves a purpose. It influences the mental toughness required to complete the task or mission. It’s an ethos that allows service members to work as a unit and perform heroic, impossible, and even history-defining acts. As a veteran, however, this attitude can also be potentially problematic. It seems many veterans exist at the crossroads of “suck it up” and “I need

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I Am An #Oregonvet