By Nadine Kelley
The Cottage Grove Rotary Club recently hosted Robert Lowry, who spoke about the Oregon Posse. The Oregon Posse delivers Premium Care Packages to troops deployed abroad and in remote locations. Premium items include quality headlamps and flashlights, special knives and Leatherman multi-tools, wind stopper caps, good coffee, jellybeans, jerky and more, as well as regular items.
Troops have special requests for many common day items, but have no access to those necessary things. Soldiers have requested sharp knives to cut themselves free from an overturned vehicle. They don’t even have quality flashlights or multi-tools such as the Leatherman.
It saddens me that our soldiers are not given proper supplies to be the best they can be to help them as much as possible when they are constantly in harm’s way. Shipping costs can range from $1 to $3 per pound.
The Cottage Grove Rotary passed the hat and raised $277 in 15 minutes for the Oregon Posse. It is amazing and heartwarming how much we really care about our troops and Rotary found a quick way to help.
These Premium Care Packages show up at the perfect time to lift the spirits of our troops. They are so grateful for Robert Lowry and his Premium Care Packages that some troops make him an honorary member or send plaques or pictures of the troops.
Robert Lowry started the Oregon Posse 12 years ago and has coordinated an effort to get the needed items to the troops. The troops are touched to know that the folks at home do care about them and know they aren’t forgotten.
If you google “Oregon Posse care,” you will find a YouTube interview for more information. For more information on how you can help, to get an item request list or if you would like Lowry to speak to your group, please contact Robert Lowry at or call 541-954-4451.