Grant County: VSO has important message for vets

Grant County Veteran’s Service Officer Katee Hoffman swung by the studio recently to discuss some veteran issues. She said one thing that’s kept her office busy is the number of complications dealing with insurance coverages:

“We are having issues with veterans who are supposed to be covered for care, and then they have an emergency they are not covered—because maybe they have Medicare and Medicare is a primary, and the VA doesn’t get billed as a secondary.

So, it’s kind of a backdoor billing for veterans who are guaranteed medical care, and they’re not getting it when it’s emergency care.”

Hoffman suggests that in case any veteran has an emergency, that either they or a person close to them call the main office they receive their care from (i.e. Boise, Burns, etc.). The VA provider must be notified within 72 hours of the incident in order to provide coverage.

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