ICYMI: #ExploreVA Facebook Live Event on VA Life Insurance

VA offers high-quality life insurance programs, but eligibility windows are brief. Veterans need to know the deadlines so they don’t miss out on these benefits.

To keep Veterans in the know, VA and Blue Star Families recently teamed up for an #ExploreVA Facebook Live event. Kristan Hoffman, insurance specialist for VA Insurance Center, and Amse Heck, D.C. Blue Star Families’ regional director provided participants with information about benefit options, eligibility requirements and critical enrollment deadlines.

Some deadlines Veterans need to know are:
• Within 120 days of separation – Spouses must apply to convert their spousal coverage under the Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program to a participating company.
• Within 240 days of separation – No health questions are asked if you apply for VGLI and were previously covered by Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance.
• Within 1 year and 120 days of separation – Apply for Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI).

“It’s important to take action quickly because during certain periods VA does not perform health reviews,” Hoffman says. “In applying for life insurance, many insurance companies will look at your health to determine whether or not to approve you.” She explained that injuries or medical conditions resulting from service can make securing private life insurance difficult, or even impossible, for some Veterans.

VA representatives responded to questions following the conversation. They directed Veterans to resources, such as Explore.VA.gov to learn more about life insurance programs and how to apply.








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