Why it is so important for Veterans and their families to get their flu shot and other vaccines

Time for our annual Get Your Flu Shot reminders!

Actually, more than just your flu shot. Are you up to date on all the vaccines you should have?

All Veterans and their families should get recommended vaccines to protect their health. Even healthy adults can become ill and pass diseases on to others. Everyone should have their vaccination needs assessed by a health care professional.

Find out which immunizations are recommended for you.

Certain vaccines are recommended based on a person’s age, occupation or health conditions (such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or heart disease).

Vaccination is important because it protects the person getting the vaccine and helps prevent the spread of disease.

Seniors and others at high risk for flu complications

All Veterans should get an influenza (flu) vaccine each year to protect against seasonal flu. Some people are at high risk of serious flu complications, and it is especially important that they get vaccinated. This includes older adults (65 and older), children younger than 5, pregnant women and people with certain long-term medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes.

Adults 50 years and older are recommended to receive the shingles vaccine. Adults 65 and older are also recommended to receive both pneumococcal vaccines. Some adults younger than 65 years with certain conditions are also recommended to receive one or more pneumococcal vaccinations. 

Why do adults need vaccines?

All adults need vaccinations to protect

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