Forever GI Bill changes the way VA reimburses for tests, certifications, and licensing exams

Do you need to take as the SAT, GRE, LSAT, a licensing certification, or even a journeyman or other employment-related test? Your GI Bill® can help you cover the fees, and the Forever GI Bill can make it a more useful option.

If you’re a Veteran or service member using the Post-9/11 GI Bill to pay for your education and need to take a national test, certification, or licensing exam, beginning August 1, 2018 you’ll soon be charged the “true cost” of the test. Rather than being charged a full month of Post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement benefits under the current practice, you’ll be charged entitlement relative to the actual cost of the test–a much better deal than being charged your full month’s entitlement benefits if the cost is below that amount. VA may reimburse a licensing or certification test up to a maximum charge of $2,000 for a single test.

In addition, this change to the law adds a new covered test. It adds a national test that evaluates prior learning and knowledge and provides opportunity for course credit at a college or university. Something else to consider: If you can hold off on taking the test, licensing certification, or exam until August 1, it will be a much better financial deal for you.

Prior to passage of the Forever GI Bill, students were charged an entire month of entitlement, regardless the cost of the test.

No matter how well you do on the test, certification, or exam, a new

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