Former Vietnam Fighter Pilot Continues to Save Lives of Veterans After War

Carys Fritz, Lines for Life

Lt. Colonel Tom Milligan was an Air Force Fighter Pilot in Vietnam. He served our country, flying almost 300 combat missions, and now he serves our Veterans here at home. Tom is the Director of Military Services at Lines for Life, a service dedicated to preventing substance abuse, suicide, and other mental health challenges that Veterans face.

Milligan leads the team of highly trained specialists who answer phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our crisis lines coming from Veterans and Active Duty Military who struggle with different issues. They offer support and intervention from the perspective of fellow Veterans who can empathize with their pain.

The Importance of Capturing Veterans' Stories

W. Ashley Cozine, President, NFA

This Fourth of July Weekend, it’s important to reflect upon and celebrate the meaning of this national holiday by honoring those who have served our country to ensure our independence.

Many Americans celebrate by attending parades or reminiscing on our country’s history.