Rise Troops Challenge

Rise Troops Challenge sponsored by Rise Sport Performance Training LLC. Date/Time: June 1, 2019 7:30 AM. Location: Wanoga Sno-Park Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, Bend. Rise Troops Challenge is a themed obstacle course race, with all obstacles and challenges being based upon military, police, and firefighter tasks. It is a family friendly event, with a kids course option. We have individual and team race options for a short course beginner ~3 mile and long course ~7 mile options. This race is meant to challenge and empower, but is doable for all fitness levels. The team option is unique in that teams must complete all challenges together and finish together. The long course team option will have obstacles ranging from team evac carry, team ammo can PT, climbing over a 7 foot wall, and nonlive grenade toss amongst ~20 obstacles and challenges. This event is sponsoring Battle Buddies of Central Oregon with this event. Contact: Tammy Kovaluk, 458-218-1223 tammy@risechallengeevents.com.