Pacific Northwest Cross Country Championships

October 27, 2018 8:00 am

Pacific Northwest Cross Country Championships sponsored by SOVAH Track Club. Date/Time: October 27, 2018 8:00AM. Location: 5000 Deer Park Dr SE, Salem.

The Pacific Northwest Cross Country Championships is a championship event that invites cross country athletes to compete from all divisions, ages, and affiliations. This competition will conduct 8 races offering an opportunity for all runners to compete in a championship race recognizing 1st and 2nd team honors for the very experienced competitors to the novice contestants.



COST: $10 per person

ENTRY LIMITS: There are an unlimited amount of athletes that can be registered for each race, but only 5 athletes will count for a team score.

Please enter into the grade appropriate race. This event will take place on the last day of the OSAA regulation season, so all club and unattached high school aged athletes must run in the OPEN XC 5000 and not the HIGH SCHOOL XC 5000 if they are not representing their school.

ENTRY INFO: All team entries must have a consistent team name in order to be placed on the same squad. Individuals who do not reflect a recognizable team name will be considered as UNATTACHED and will not be scored as a member of their team of choice. EXAMPLE: User input for Cummings Elementary School would be CUMMINGS. Whiteaker middle school would be WHITEAKER. Bowerman Track Club would be BOWERMAN TC. North Salem High School JROTC would be N. SALEM JROTC. Red Lizard Running Club would be RED LIZARD RC.

• Elementary School Race: Grades 5th and under
• Middle School Race: Grades 6th through 8th
• High School Race: Grades 9th through 8th
• Open Race: Ages 13+
• Commanders Cup Race: Ages 13+

LODGING: The host hotel for the Pacific Northwest XC Championships is the Phoenix Inn Suites Located at 4370 Commercial Street SE, Salem, OR 97302. Nightly rates of $89/nigh for a King and $99/night for Double Queen. Please make reservations at or call at (503) 588-9220. This location is a brief 8 minute drive to the competition site and is centered around many dining options.

YOUTH XC 3000: These races are designated for all elementary aged school athletes. We welcome all club and school teams to compete along with unattached runners. This event is designed to give the elementary age groups and opportunity to run in an age appropriate division. Sponsored by AUSA.

MIDDLE SCHOOL XC 3000: These races are designated for all middle school aged athletes. We welcome all club and school teams to compete along with unattached runners. Sponsored by Willamette Valley Appliance

HIGH SCHOOL XC 5000: These races invites all JV and varsity teams that did not qualify for the OSAA high school meet. This race gives these athletes a post season championship event to compete in after their district championships have completed. This event offers growing athletes a chance to gain experience as well as the opportunity to be recognized as all-competition runners. Sponsored by BFit Gyms.

OPEN XC 5000: This races invites all clubs, open, and unattached runners to compete on a USATF certified course and get prepared for the USATF Oregon Association State Championships (CLICK HERE), held on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Age groups are 39 & under, 40 & over in their gender divisions. Sponsored by PT Northwest.

SOVAH COMMANDER’S CUP 5000: Welcomes all active duty, reserve, guard, Veteran, ROTC, and “first-responder” affiliates to compete in a traditional cross country team format. This all-service affair welcomes the members of the armed forces and emergency services to race off for charity and compete for this year’s Commander’s Cup. Age groups are 39 & under, 40 & over in their gender divisions. Sponsored by Travel Salem.

POV PARKING: There will be a $5 parking fee for all POVs. Team buses and vans are exempt. There are roughly 300 parking spaces available at lots P3, R, S, and U for all POVs.

Once those parking spaces have been occupied, all POVs will be redirected to the overflow parking lot at Morning Star Community Church (2.5 miles) located at 4775 27th Avenue SE, Salem, OR 97302. Shuttle vans will be running 3 times an hour for all personnel to be picked up / dropped off to the race site. Please plan ahead and ensure all drivers and spectators give themselves enough time for drop-off, parking, and shuttle arrangements.

BUSES & VANS: All team buses and vans will pull into Warrior Drive and receive guidance from the parking attendant to drop off athletes, coaches, and tents at a designated location. All team buses and vans will then proceed to Morning Star Community Church (4775 27th Avenue SE, Salem, OR 97302) and park in the back lot for the remainder of the competition. These drivers can use the shuttle system in order to travel back to the event site.

SCHEDULE: The race schedule will go as follows;

7:50 am National Anthem & Safety Brief
8:00 am SOVAH Commander’s Cup XC 5000
8:45 am Open / Club XC 5000
9:30 am High School Girls (JV Championships)
10:15 am High School Boys (JV Championships)
11:00 am Youth Club / Middle School Girls (6th to 8th grades)
11:30 am Youth Club / Middle School Boys (6th to 8th grades)
12:00 am Youth Club / Elementary School Girls (5th grade and under)
12:30 am Youth Club / Elementary School Boys (5th grade and under)

Friday, October 26, 2018
• SOVAH Commander’s Cup Race (3 pm to 6 pm) – Heroes Tap House, 4435 Liberty Road S, Salem, OR 97302
• Open, HS, MS, & Youth Races (3 pm to 6 pm) – Bfit Gym, 5045 River Road N, Keizer, OR 97303

Saturday, October 27, 2018 (Race Day)
• Same Day Pick-Up (7 am to 11 am) – Event information table

COURSE: The 5K course will be a combination of the 3K and 2K course loops combined in succession.