Operation: Veteran Freedom

September 22, 2018 9:00 am

Operation: Veteran Freedom sponsored by Concordia University, Portland & the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide. Date/Time: September 22, 2018 9:00 AM. Location: Concordia Universtiy Library; Room 108 2800 NE Liberty Street, Portland. This workshop was specially designed for Veterans and family by a Vietnam era Combat Veteran. It uses some of the technology of Brain Science and the some of the technology of Landmark Worldwide (a very powerful and highly regarded educational corporation). The Commitment of this workshop is for you to discover new ways to look at yourself and the world, including your past and present circumstances. By seeing these things in a new light your past will no longer dictate to you how you feel and limit what actions you can take. You do NOT need to relive your trauma to be free! Testimony from Veterans: “As a Senior NCO with over 52 months of combat and many years of therapy, this workshop has brought peace, understanding and shown me my life’s purpose. All Senior leadership should take this. I can’t thank you enough!” Iraq & Afghanistan – Army Veteran “I have been in therapy for seven years and nothing has made this kind of difference. This workshop has changed my life and I can now have a great marriage and a better life.” Afghanistan – Army Nurse “This workshop has helped me deal with my PTSD. It has been more beneficial than any other help I have received!” Iraq – Army Veteran “This workshop helps Veterans

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